Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: February 1, 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - We have reached February and let us hope that, at least in one way, it is a better month than January.

Toledo got off to a bloody start to 2018 with six murders thus far.

We are not exactly the killing fields but in a city where the murder count has most recently registered in the 30's over the course of a year, the January trend is troubling.

So troubling, that earlier this week, the City Mayor and Police Chief went public, calling the press together, to say what they are going to do about getting deadly violence under control in Toledo.

Toledo Police Department Chief George Kral joins us on Leading Edge to talk about what we know about these killings.

Toledo's new mayor continues assembling his team, recently adding a critical component, his Chief of Staff.

She comes from Cleveland through Dayton where she was Executive Director of Dayton's Human Relations Council.

We welcome Katy Crosby to our Leading Edge table and learn what attracted to her to this position and how she plans to help the City of Toledo.

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