Thousands converge on downtown Toledo for Cheer for a Cure fundraiser

Thousands converge on downtown Toledo for Cheer for a Cure fundraiser

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Cheer for  a Cure has been going on for fourteen years.

It started at Genoa High School but the event is so big now it's had to be moved to the SeaGate Centre in Downtown Toledo.

Cheer for a Cure is a cancer fundraiser attracting over a thousand cheerleaders.

Events are held across the country every year but it all started in Genoa.

Eight hundred thousand dollars has been raised over the years to help cancer families through difficult times.

"We give them some funds so they can get services they need, get to appointments, have meals, things like that. Or if its' a terminal situation do something special with family we fund," said Maria Maluchnick.

She and her sister Valerie Widmer formed Cheer for a Cure as a tribute to their mother Stella Bertz, the former cheerleading coach at Genoa High School.

She died of lung cancer in 2003.

"She was kind, loving and energetic. Always had a smile on her face. Key person in the community of Genoa when I grew up," said Ms. Widmer.

In Toledo, seventy cheerleading teams competed in ninety events.

For the girls, this is serious fun.

"Other families are in danger of this life-taking disease. So you want to raise money to give them back their family," said Camryn Miller.

Layla Cathers agreed.

"I love being kind. I like helping other people and giving that," said Layla.

And helping cancer patients and their families one flip at a time.

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