Preparing for the big game and not the flu

Preparing for the big game and not the flu

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Sunday is the game of all games.

This weekend will be one of the busiest for grocery stores as many of you gear up for parties. But with the flu making so many sick, are some changing their social plans? Doctors suggest because of the sickness some changes should be made.

There are chips and dip, soda, wings and more. Superbowl Sunday brings out the best food leaving stores like Walt Churchill's Market busy.

"We'll be busy tomorrow and Sunday until the end of the day," said Rob Carpenter, the grocery manager at the Perrysburg Walt Churchill's Market. "We'll be pretty busy that's just how it is."

They're hosting a chili bowl this weekend in addition to serving unique options for you to score big at your party. While some were bringing home their items for parties, medical experts warn those who are sick to avoid parties. But customers say the flu won't change their plans.

"No, I'll just go," said Terri Seibold, a Perrysburg resident. "If you get sick, you get sick."

"No, we're not going to change it," said Kathy Beaverson, a Perrysburg resident. "We're just going to our friends house for the Superbowl, so yep that's the plan we're going to take some manicotti."

Others say they plan on staying in for Sunday's big game. They haven't been sick yet and want to keep it that way.

"Just trying to be healthy," said Katie Soldwish of Perrysburg.

"People ought to be careful and maybe get their flu vaccine and wipe things down," said Scott Kelly, a Perrysburg resident.

Those shopping weren't going to let the sickness slow them down, but the store also has medicine and more just in case you catch more than footballs this weekend

Doctors want to help you avoid being tackled by the flu and are providing tips so you can enjoy the big game.

Experts from Mercy Health and ProMedica suggest you do not go out if you are ill. If someone is ill, don't host a party. Before the party, medical officials suggest hosts should disinfect their homes common surface areas like doorknobs, light switches and more.

Parties should have hand sanitizer and tissues readily available for guests. Along with keeping food covered and having clean utensils to use. It's also a great idea to keep a drink label handy so no one drinks from someone else's cup

To be extra safe it's best to even keep face masks on hand, decorating them to your favorite team for those who may come that are sick.

After the party is over, health officials suggest you deep clean the party area and consider getting rid of any leftovers.

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