Rosa Parks' niece gives students in Toledo inspiration

Rosa Parks' niece gives students in Toledo inspiration

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A school in Toledo is celebrating the birthday of a legendary icon and civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, who would have turned one hundred five this coming Sunday.

Friday, students at Rosa Parks Elementary school got to hear a special message from Parks' niece, Urana McCauley, whose mission is to continue her Aunt's inspirational legacy.

"Sometimes it might be good to hear it from someone who's not a parent or a teacher and just someone you know connected to someone like an icon like Rosa Parks who changed history," said McCauley. "I want people to know that when they think of Rosa Parks she wasn't someone who was just old and tired that day, Auntie Rosa was someone who was actively working for change her whole life."

Students came ready with questions to ask McCauley, and walked away knowing more about Parks than they ever did before.

"My aunt got arrested several times people don't know about that," McCauley said.

When ask how he would describe Rosa Parks, seventh grader Keshon Mcalister said she was courageous, brave and smart.

"Auntie Rosa was a humble person but she was an intelligent person, she was very hard working and she really loved her family she really did," said McCauley.

Rosa Parks Elementary school celebrates the civil rights activist's birthday every year, keeping her vision alive while working to foster change.

"I just wanna continue her legacy and inspire other people out here that they too can make a change in their community um and that you know my aunt was just an ordinary person who did an extraordinary thing," said McCauley.

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