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It's not wings: States' favorite Super Bowl party foods revealed

(RNN) - America's favorite Super Bowl snack isn't hamburgers, hot dogs, or chili. It’s not even chicken wings.

No, America’s top choice for the big game is, apparently, sausage cheese balls.

General Mills released a map of the U.S. covering each state’s most-searched gameday foodstuff, via the websites for Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and a third called And on the strength of popularity in Texas, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina, sausage cheese balls win America’s Super Bowl foods Electoral College.

Chili does take four states as well – Arizona, Oregon, Rhode Island and New Hampshire – but sausage cheese balls take the crown on population.

Wings, a football heavyweight, suffered from Balkanization. California prefers generic “chicken wings,” while Nebraska likes “hot wings” and New York, understandably, loves its homegrown “Buffalo chicken wings.”

Hamburgers win out in only one state, Missouri, though sliders were the top choice in three more: Wyoming, West Virginia and Georgia.

Tacos, meanwhile, figure into three different dishes: Colorado’s “taco pie,” Oregon’s “taco soup” and New Mexico’s “seven-layer taco dip.”

A few more stick out: hummus in South Dakota, dill pickle soup in Kansas and “Mississippi roast” … in Alabama. Someone should also bring something to Illinois, where their main dish on Sunday will just be Chex Mix.

And if you’re actually going to the Super Bowl in Minnesota, expect to find tater tot casserole.

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