Amanda's Mom Blog: Baby's first cold

Amanda's Mom Blog: Baby's first cold
(Source: Amanda Fay)
(Source: Amanda Fay)

(WTOL) - It's been a week. That's for sure. Maggie started daycare last week and by the weekend, she had her first cough.

That cough on Saturday morning turned into a full blown cold by Sunday, that only worsened in the following days. A daycare worker told me, "she's going through her initiation."


Luckily, the pediatrician confirmed her illness wasn't something terribly serious. Her lungs and ears looked good, a relief for a new mom.

Hearing that first cough, followed by the stuffy nose, seriously broke my heart. What do you do for a 12 week old who has no way of blowing her nose or positioning herself so she can breathe better?

In comes the "NoseFrida." It's this incredibly gross, self-proclaimed "snot sucker," but boy does it work!

It's a plastic container, attached to a plastic tube that you suck through on the other end, miraculously sucking the snot from your baby's nose with a stopper that keeps that said snot from reaching your lips!

While it works, Maggie hates the process and screaming immediately ensues after dad does all that sucking. He's far better at it than I am, so my job is to try as hard as I can to hold her still why he works magic.

I definitely haven't mastered that job, just yet. Let's face it, I don't think I'll ever master that job!

The "NoseFrida," combined with a humidifier and saline spray has been the only thing getting us through this week, and our baby through her first cold.

Even with all those tools, Maggie still only sleeps about two to three hours at a time before inevitably waking up, all stuffed up and coughing and needing to be cleaned out again. Needless to say, mom and dad are tired. Exhausted actually, and now battling colds of our own.

Through all the fighting with the NoseFrida and coughing and sneezing, I still see glimpses of my sweet baby girl, breaking out a smile when her dad makes goofy faces and cooing when she's feeling a bit more comfortable.

I'm hoping, on day six of her first cold, that we've turned a corner and she'll be able to start sleeping longer stretches again so I don't do any more wacky things through the delirium, like forgetting to finish my makeup before going on air.

Mostly, I just want my baby to feel better! As they say, the days are long, but the years are short.

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