Money Talks News: Best and worst things to buy in February

Money Talks News: Best and worst things to buy in February

Money Talks News - Every month there are shopping deals and duds out at the stores.

First on the February bargain list? Valentine's day gifts.

Look for coupons at value-driven jewelry sites and lingerie stores. Last year, according to DealNews, jewelry deals both online and offline offered coupon sales of up to 20 percent, with select jewelry items up to 90 percent off leading up to Valentine's day.

Another place you might find Valentine's day bargains: Flowers and gift baskets. Look for Groupons and other sales that might get you 20 to 50 percent off.

Then keep an eye out for President's Day Sales and coupons where you might get up to 85 percent off things like clothing, mattresses, and furniture.

Also look for deals of 30 to 50 percent off tax software programs.

But what about duds? What should you be avoiding buying this month?

First, wait to buy a new smartphone. Spring is typically when new models are released, and that's when older models go on sale.

And then there are TVs. While many believe February is the best month for TVs, DealNews says November is usually when you'll find the best deals on a big screen.

Shopping by the calendar does make sense because every month has both good deals and some shopping duds.

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