Water customers could see increase in rates with regional authority

Water customers could see increase in rates with regional authority
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Area Water Authority aims to equalize rates across the region by 2026, but rates will increase for most customers whether the authority is created or not.

"Over the past four years, rates have already gone up 40 percent, so by having this new authority and by having a regional collaboration of all the communities working together we have a chance to really lessen the amount of increases that people are gonna see," said Brian Dicken Vice President for Advocacy and Public Policy with the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Right now, Toledo and its eight customers are paying anywhere from about $20 to almost $45 doper unit of water.

"Roughly about 7/12 gallons is a cubic foot of water so typically when they talk about rates it's based on a thousand cubic feet or about 7,500 gallons of water of usage," said Dicken.

A technical committee with The Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments or TMACOG did a study to see how rates would equalize over an eight-year period.

"Over about an eight-year period they get it to where it's about $37 per unit of water that is the basis for which the new rates are gonna be built under the new authority," Dicken stated.

Toledo customers for example pay about $25 per unit of water, by 2022 that rate could go up to $30, then $37 by 2026. Maumee and Perrysburg customers pay around $20.

Lucas County, Monroe County, Sylvania and Rossford customers all pay roughly $43, which means they'd be paying less in eight years.

"Again the idea is to build some equity in so everybody's paying for what they should be," Dicken said.

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