Is sanitizer effective in fighting cold and flu?

Is sanitizer effective in fighting cold and flu?

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - So far this flu season, there have been nine flu-related deaths in Lucas County. The health department said over 370 people have been hospitalized since flu season began.

Abbie Massetti of Perrysburg, considers herself lucky. Her family has managed to avoid the crud this cold and flu season.

"Literally last night, my daughter for the first time this season, got a temperature of like 99.2 and I gave her Tylenol and today she was fine, but I was like, 'fingers crossed she's fine' and she was," said Massetti.

So how has she kept her family healthy?

"I'm constantly using hand sanitizer and washing their hands," she said.

Sanitizer dispensers are everywhere you turn, but do they work?

"Hand sanitizer is more out of convenience. It's better than not using anything at all," said ProMedica Nurse Practitioner, Lillian Nagi said. 

She added if you do use sanitizer if you're out and about, make sure it's at least 60 percent alcohol.

While Nagi said using hand sanitizer is great as far as convenience is concerned, the best weapon of defense is still washing your hands.

"It has a tendency to more remove microorganisms off the surface, with hand sanitizer you're just killing what's on there," said Nagi.

Don't just do a quick lather and rinse. Nagi said hum the tune of "Happy Birthday" twice through to make sure you've washed away all those germs.

Nagi adds if you do get sick, just stay home.

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