New Lucas County jail location announced

New Lucas County jail location announced

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - For two years Lucas County leaders have scoured the county looking for the best location for a new jail. Now, they could be a step closer to finding the right fit.

After two failed attempts last year, county officials held a meeting Thursday where they announced a new jail site.

A few weeks ago Commissioner Pete Gerken said it would be announced in 30 days and he kept his promise.

Commissioner Gerken says the jail is expected to be in north Toledo at 5706 North Detroit, south of Alexis Road.

The site would cost less than $1 million to purchase.

Commisioner Gerken says according to a purchase contract, the county has control of roughly a 25-acre property.

Joel Beren is owner of Cherry Picked Auto Parts, the nearest business to the location, and says he is in support of the site for the new jail.

Commisioner Gerken says this location was the number one site for a new jail five years ago. The site went off of the market, but it went back on three months ago.

According to Commisioner Gerken, the location has good utilities, is clean and is properly zoned. He also said it is not "on top of any neighborhood" and has hard boundaries.

Officials plan on putting a jail levy back on the November ballot.

The entire building project for the correctional facility would cost around $180 million. Officials say the jail would cost a homeowner with a house worth $100,000 less than four dollars per month and less than $50 per year, for 37 years.

There will be an open house February 7 from 6 to 8 p.m at Jefferson Avenue MS Training Center.

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