Girl power: The 22nd floor of One Government Center looks different than other years

Girl power: The 22nd floor of One Government Center looks different than other years

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The 22nd floor of One Government Center has a new look, and it's not just because there is a new Mayor.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz has nine females on his staff, more than any previous administration.

"It's different, and it's exciting and it feels right," said Abby Arnold, Deputy Chief of Staff.

"I learn something new from each and every one of them every day," said Karen Poore, Deputy Chief of Staff.

"Welcoming and not just to each other but to everyone that comes in," said Lucy Frank, Assistant to the Mayor.

From the Chief of Staff to Legislative Director to Executive Assistant for the Mayor, Kapszukiewicz is surrounded by purses and ponytails, but, it's not about that.

"I think it's such a natural inclination for him to trust women, and believe women, and respect women, and recognize their capabilities that I honestly don't think he thinks anything of it," said Gretchen DeBacker, the Legislative Director, and longtime friend of Kapszukiewicz.

"It's not even about the fact that oh we are female and we have to compare ourselves to men, it's do you know the job?", added Marquita Chong.

"It puts a different level of pressure and motivation on being successful," said Arnold.

Setting an example for younger girls is huge for these ladies, proving to future generations there is no glass ceiling.

"It's still rare and so the fact that there are so many women in leadership positions in this office is great and important, and I think we will be successful, but it just shows there is still so much work to be done" said DeBacker.

They're only about a month into their new jobs, but say, they're looking forward to working together the next four years.

"We're women, we're qualified women, we're strong women, so it's exciting," said Arnold.

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