Murdock sentence shorter than victim's family expected

Murdock sentence shorter than victim's family expected

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A man who did not tell his girlfriend he was HIV positive, and it resulted in her death, was sentenced to eight years in prison. However, it is a much shorter sentence then her family would have liked.

Ron Murdock was diagnosed with HIV in 2004. He did not disclose to two women he was sleeping with that he was a carrier of the virus.

One of his girlfriends, Kimberly Klemper, became ill and later found out she had AIDS. She died a year ago.

It was her death that got this case and charges out there.

This is a landmark case in Lucas County and one of the first across the U.S. Therefore, there are not rules of case law when it comes to the charges and sentence.

Murdock was originally charged with murder and felonious assault but Wednesday he took a plea deal and was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Before sentencing Wednesday, Klemper's sister read a tearful letter to the judge calling Murdock selfish and a despicable human being for not being honest and causing Klemper's death.

The family was expecting a tougher punishment.

"Eight years isn't going to replace a life," Josh Klempler, the victim's son said. "It's hard. It's going to be hard for the family. Just knowing he's going to be able to get out and walk after his prison term is finished is not what I expected."

Murdock did apologize in court and to the family. He said he always used protection, that he cared for Klemper and that she was his friend.

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