ProMedica Memorial Hospital kicks off their centennial celebration

ProMedica Memorial Hospital kicks off their centennial celebration

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - Memorial Hospital has been an institution in Fremont since 1918. On Wednesday, ProMedica kicked off the hospital's centennial celebration.

Memorial Hospital was established, in part from a gift from the Hayes family of $100,000 in 1915. The hospital began operations in October 1918 during a flu pandemic.

Now, the hospital, operated by ProMedica, is still a vital part of the Fremont community.

In front of a staff filled room, two drawings by local artist Steve McFerren were unveiled on Wednesday.

The pencil hand drawn pieces depicts the two major sections of the hospital; the original building and the newer universal unit. The art will be on display in the hospitals lobby.

The hospital is currently undergoing drastic renovations in their lobby that include the universal unit and their labor and delivery. Those renovations are expected to be complete by the anniversary date in October.

The hope is to establish Memorial hospital as the one stop destination for all procedures that can be performed locally.

"We can't do open heart here, we can't do a lot of neural work here. But we want to be able to everything that can be done at the local level here. We want to deliver every baby, we want to do every joint replacement, we want to do every general surgery. And we have the capability to do that," said ProMedica Memorial Hospital president Pam Jensen.

Now, every month for the rest of the year, Memorial Hospital will celebrate another decade of serving the Fremont community, culminating in their Centennial Gala in October.

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