Money Talks News: Valentine's day gifts, more about the thought than the cost

Money Talks News - Valentine's day is just around the corner, but, men, before you consider breaking the bank for pricey presents, check out some ideas from the heart that do not cost a bundle.

While cards, flowers and candy are Valentine's day staples, they are often just expensive substitutes for something everyone appreciates in a gift: Imagination.

When it comes to gifts, using your heart and your head often results in better gifts that cost less.

First, start with cards. While store-bought cards are nice, if you want a card she is going to keep, consider making it yourself.

Tip two is give her an experience or a memory.

Women are only limited by your imagination. A picnic, a play, a camp-out, a movie, a homemade dinner, it does not have to cost a lot. Memories last a lot longer than flowers or candy, and they are a lot more romantic.

Then there is time. How about a gift certificate for a bubble bath while you do the laundry and the vacuuming? That does not cost a dime, and would she not rather have a day off than a box of candy?

Last, remember: Homemade always trumps store-bought. Consider making a scrapbook or a picture frame that includes different memories from your wedding or a special event in your lives.

The best gifts do not start with your money, they start with your imagination.

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