Ohio ranked 12th in nation for deficient bridges

Ohio ranked 12th in nation for deficient bridges

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A study done by the Federal Highway Administration shows Ohio's bridges need some work.

Ohio ranks 12 in the state for deficient bridges, with two in Lucas County.

The study shows the I-75 bridge over Segur Avenue and the I-75 bridge over Ottawa River are both structurally deficient. These are two of the most well-traveled bridges in the area, with 76,033 and 62,200 daily crossings respectively.

Of the 27,345 rural and urban bridges in the state, 1,653 are classified as deficient.

Ohio identified needed repairs on 1,715 bridges in the state, such as bridge replacement, widening and rehabilitation and deck rehabilitation and/or placement.

The state estimates these repairs will cost $27.4 billion dollars.

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