BBB warns you of tax season scams

BBB warns you of tax season scams

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With tax season just underway, it's important to protect yourself and your family from common scams. The Better Business Bureau expects this to be one of the worst scam seasons yet.

"I think it's going to  be a nightmare," said Dick Epstein, president of the Better Business Bureau. "An absolute nightmare because the bad guys have so much sophisticated technology, they have fancy auto dialers that call up millions and millions of people every day."

With tax season upon us, so is scam season, although that never stops.

The BBB has seen several fall victim to scams and lose out on thousands of dollars. For the fourth year in a row they expect the most common scam to be fake IRS calls. They say the IRS will not call you.

"If they are trying to scare you it's probably a scam," explained Eppstein. "If they say you've got to act right now you've got to send us money right now or we're going to put you in jail it's a scam."

Not all scams are phone calls, but some are also emails. It's important to watch the web address for legitimacy.

The BBB said you need to protect yourself. If you see something suspicious they ask you to be cautious.

"The number one thing to do is stop and do nothing and then take that information that they have given you write down as much information as you can and then go to a legitimate website," said Dick Eppstein.

In addition to checking out the scam, you can call the BBB or report it to their scam tracker.

Leaders with the BBB said everyone can be a victim, whether businesses, minorities or those who are least expecting it. They encourage you to be alert this tax season as scammers are out in full force.

You can learn more and get in contact with the BBB here, or contact them at (419) 531-3116.

You can also help the BBB spot a business or offer that sounds like an illegal scheme or fraud here.

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