Seneca County joins lawsuit against opioid producers

Seneca County joins lawsuit against opioid producers
(Source: AP)

SENECA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A local county has taken a step in a national legal battle against the opioid epidemic.

Seneca County commissioners voted Tuesday to approve the county's partnership with a national lawsuit against opiate manufacturers.

The suit is against five of the largest opiate manufacturers and three of the largest wholesalers in the U.S.

The hope is the county would ultimately get payback for any financial impact the county has accrued in fighting the drug battle.

"Like all of our neighboring counties and others across the nation felt of the cost for security and for services that come as a result of what the opiate epidemic has brought to us," Seneca County Commissioner Holly Stacy said. "We get faced with that against our budget. So we felt, why not join the national effort."

Since 2015, the county has had a county wide opiate task-force that has worked towards finding a local solution to the addictive drugs.

The entry into the lawsuit will show solidarity with neighboring counties, and show residents that they are working towards a positive outcome.

"All lives across the county have been impacted one way or the other," Commissioner Stacy explained. "So, we thought this no cost option to join this national effort was very important, and it was a way we felt we cold be trying to do more for the citizens of Seneca County."

Commissioner Stacy hopes that this announcement not only furthers the ongoing awareness of the opiate epidemic in our region, but will also hold accountable those companies that manufacture opiates wholesale.

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