Senator Brown's hopes for President Trump's SOTU

Senator Brown's hopes for President Trump's SOTU
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Senator Sherrod Brown will be at Tuesday's address and he is bringing a guest with him fighting for pensioned workers.

Rita Lewis's husband, the late Butch Lewis, worked for 40 years as a trucker and Teamster in southern Ohio. Rita has taken over his fight to restore the Teamsters Pension Plan, which is among several Ohio pension plans on the brink of failure.

"We need this," Lewis said. "We paid for this. We were promised this. I am not going to go away quietly. I want what is due us. We are not a bailout. We are not a hand out. We gave up these wages."

Senator Sherrod Brown has introduced a bill in honor of Butch Lewis that would put failing pensions back on solid ground.

Senator Brown is hoping to get the President's support on the issue.

"I am hoping the President will talk about what he said as candidate Trump and fighting for American workers," Senator Brown said in an interview Tuesday. "I would say the best way to do that, to show that tonight is to support the 'Butch Lewis Act.'"

There have been allegations of fraud surrounding these failing pension plans.

Senator Brown says he is not privy to any potential legal action that could be taken, but says his bill would require "minimal" taxpayer dollars to restore pensions for 60,000 Ohioans.

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