Man sentenced to life in prison after accepting plea deal

Man sentenced to life in prison after accepting plea deal

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A man who accepted a plea deal will spend life in prison with a chance of parole after 18 years for murdering a man in 2016.

The murder trial for Telly Hopings started Monday after Hopings originally rejected a plea deal that would have stopped his case from going to trial.

Hopings then changed his mind Tuesday morning and agreed to take a plea deal.

Hopings is charged with shooting and killing Eugene Blackman outside of Lyric's Lounge.

There was a large amount of evidence against Hopings including a gun case found in Hopings's car and surveillance video.

The murder was part of a family feud that included another murder, a house fire and gang violence. This led to a large security presence during the trial.

Prosecutors say this was a revenge killing.

Hopings's attorney said he is a good person without a record, but acted out in revenge after his cousin was also shot and killed.

During the trial, Hopings's attorney planned on calling a doctor to the stand, hoping to prove Hopings suffered from PTSD following his cousin's murder. Thus, the defense wanted to show Hopings was delusional when he shot Blackman.

The judge denied the request to have the doctor testify, so Hopings decided to take the plea deal.

Hopings quietly answered the judge's questions and apologized to the Blackman's family before receiving his life sentence. He apologized to the Blackman family and told the judge he wished he could take it back.

This has been a long road for both families involved in the case.

"It was difficult to talk to them this morning about the plea, knowing that they had waited this long to give them that information. I think they've been waiting for this day for a long time," said Brian Boos, assistant Lucas County prosecutor. "I think they are happy that it is over I think it is difficult to accept but I think they understand the life sentence and ramifications of that."

Blackman's family said they are satisfied with the sentence.

Both families were in the courtroom, leading to a high security presence. However, both families remained quiet and did not confront each other.

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