Senator Portman explains hopes for SOTU Tuesday

Senator Portman explains hopes for SOTU Tuesday

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - President Trump is going through some of the final "run-throughs" before his first State of the Union Address Tuesday night.

Republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman told us Monday that he hopes the President strikes a "unifying" tone for the country.

"Yeah, look the State of the Union Address is an opportunity for the President to bring people together to solve problems," Senator Portman said. "So, I hope he will talk about some issues where we are elected to find bipartisanship. Infrastructure is one, worker retraining is another. In Ohio, the good news is we have a lot more economic activity here, a lot of people saying they are going to hire more people, but we need better trained workers to fill those jobs."

Senator Portman is bringing the head of the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police with him, as his guest to the speech.

He is someone who supports Senator Portman's "STOP" Act, that would provide justice to survivors of sex trafficking.

Senator Portman also mentioned that he hopes the President pushes an agenda that builds, in his words, a "safe, strong and proud America," and help for opioid addiction must be part of that.

"In Ottawa County, outside Toledo, just last week, you had five overdoses," Senator Portman explained. "A few people died in one county one week and, unfortunately, this is happening around our state. So we know some of the things we can and should do to address that problem and I hope the President will talk about those and try to get the country more united about dealing with some of these problems."

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