High-speed Hyperloop could be the future of travel

High-speed Hyperloop could be the future of travel

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Can you imagine being able to travel from Toledo to Chicago in less than 30 minutes?

Some local advocates believe this could be possible with Hyperloop Transportation technology.

Right now, if you wanted to take a trip to the Windy City, you have to option of driving, flying or taking a train. In the future, Hyperloop could be your fourth option.

Hyperloop travel would involved getting into an above-ground tube and traveling high-speed to your destination.

This could change the way people work and travel in the Midwest, and for some innovators in Toledo, it's not just a pipe dream.

Since 2013, Nate Walke has worked to form a team of people excited about technology, innovation and putting Toledo on the map for growth and experimentation.

"All of the technology for this mode of transportation actually exists it just has to be stitched together," said Nate Walke, a Hyperloop advocate, determined to get the attention of the two mayor companies building the technology.

One of the major pieces is utilizing existing infrastructure.

This project is attracting two large private companies who have been working to develop the Hyperloop,. They are interested in Toledo largely because of the city's central location and access to the Turnpike.

"In Elon Musk's paper, he talks about how the Hyperloop can be raised above the median of a highway on pilings. We already have Interstate 80/90 running from Chicago to New York, so that would save a tremendous amount of cost and having to move the earth in order to build this," Walke said.

The idea would be to build the tubes, above ground in the median between the interstate's East and Westbound lanes.  Some business travelers said this mode of transportation could change the way people live, work and travel in the Midwest.

"Being able to get here be efficient with my time and then being able to leave the same day as long as it would cost what a flight would be round trip," said Sean Dimmick, who travels from Chicago to Toledo for work.

For Dimmick, time is money. The estimated cost of going from Chicago to Cleveland is $20 in 27 minutes.

Walke isn't the only one who believes in this project. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur also believes this could be Toledo's future.

She and eight other bipartisan legislators sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking for grant money to accelerate the building and testing of this technology.

"A bipartisan letter with eight people I believe to President Trump asking him to allocate funds, 20 million dollars in grant for research to do feasibility studies in Ohio and I believe specifically in this region," Walke said.

The next step is to wait for a response from President Trump and get the leaders of the two companies, Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to visit Toledo.

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