TPS schools prepared in case of threats

TPS schools prepared in case of threats

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A 14-year-old is in custody after making threats against St. John's Jesuit and Maumee High School.

Incidents like these have parents wondering what plan schools have in place to keep their children safe.

All TPS schools have precautions. Visitors are required to buzz in before entering the building, then must check in through the school's administration office.

Students and staff practice lock-down procedures a couple time a year, and police officers are on site of a majority of TPS schools.

"Having Toledo police in town and in our buildings and having the communication structure amongst the various safety forces is terrific. It's a tremendous help for us and making our community safe. I believe it really drives down to how do we communicate and how do we communicate information. Are we engaging our folks to feel comfortable communicating with us in order to make it a safe environment," said Jim Gant, chief of staff of Toledo Public Schools.

TPS students also go through ALICE training: Alert, Lock-down, Inform, Confront, and Evade or Evacuate. This program is taught by police so students know what to do in case of a school intruder.

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