Toledo mayor, TPD chief discuss city's violent crime

Toledo mayor, TPD chief discuss city's violent crime

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz and TPD Chief George Kral met to discuss violent crime in the Glass City. After six homicides within 4 weeks, the city is ready to take action.

At a Monday news conference, they discussed the city's streak of street violence and what is being done about it. Representatives from the U.S. attorneys office, Lucas county prosecutors office and highway patrol were all present.

The conference was held on the first floor of the Safety Building at 12 p.m.

"We're intensifying efforts to enhance safety in our community and apprehend the perpetrators of all gun violence in the city, including the homicides that have occurred this year," Mayor Kapszukiewicz said. "We will continue this fight until we win it."

Toledo police plan to begin a grassroots program in February called "Not In My House." They plan to reduce crime with personnel changes, increased overtime and additional intelligence briefings.

"It's slogan is going to be taking back one house one street one block one neighborhood at a time," said the mayor.

In addition the Toledo Police department is adding resources to vice and narcotics, and the investigative bureau.

"We can't guarantee solutions, but we can guarantee that we're gonna attack this problem with focus and with a sense of urgency. It's not enough to just cross our fingers and hope the problem goes away we have to take action," the mayor added.

Chief Kral said the department will also continue to use ongoing efforts, including diversion programs and special enforcement operations.

This year has started out with a big number of homicides, with six already recorded in the first month of 2018.

"Six homicides this month is simply unacceptable. We need the community's help and support as officers continue to work hard and put themselves in harm's way to temper the violence Toledo is experiencing," Chief Kral said.

Community policing programs already put in place will continue.

"Some of those being TCIRV, our STOP program that we're actively doing every week. We plan on increasing our involvement in the block-watch program," explained Kral.

Below is a list of changes and initiatives the police department is making below:

  • Two detectives added to Vice/Narcotics, four added to the Investigations Bureau and two sergeants added to Special Operations and SWAT - effective February 1
  • Authorized overtime for increased marked patrols, plain clothes and tactical operations
  • Additional intelligence briefings with Field Operations, Special Operations, Investigations and Intelligence
  • Strategic Tactical Operational Policing (S.T.O.P) and T-CIRV combines crime data with community policing on a door-to-door level.
  • Community services programs such as STRIVE, Brains & Bodies and PAL
  • Gang sweeps

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