Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: January 25, 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One week ago our federal government was not working. It had been shutdown with the exception of essential services.

This week it is running again but has another fast-approaching, drop-dead date less than a couple of weeks away.

Is this the new normal way of doing the business of the U.S. government which we fund and which, as least by design, is supposed to work for us?

Ohio's 5th District Congressman Bob Latta, Republican, of Bowling Green updates us on what is happening in Washington and how it affects us.

It started as a series of one-day forums down the street from WTOL11 at Trinity Episcopal and grew into something called ToledoScape. Since 1990 it has been raising up leaders in our community and is now known as Leadership Toledo.

New leader of Leadership Toledo, Anna Malone Toney, explains her position and the impact Leadership Toledo can have in a person's life.

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