Police chief meets with concerned neighbors about crime in west Toledo

Police chief meets with concerned neighbors about crime in west Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's been a violent year so far on the streets of Toledo.

Six homicides have already been recorded.

Some people are saying crime prevention should be a community commitment, like members of the newly formed group 4000 Monroe Crime Prevention Community.

Members and others at a Saturday meeting claim there's been a spike in violent crime in the vicinity of the 4000 block of Monroe Street and Douglas Road.

"We're all concerned about violent crime especially when you're alone and single,"  said Jane Ogle.

Justin Renquist formed the 4000 group.

He just moved back to Toledo after spending thirty years in larger cities like Seattle, New York City and San Francisco, places he'd expect violent crime.

"I've been shocked and scared by the gun crime that's been happening around my house. It's not so much the petty crime. It's the violent crime," said Renquist.

The 4000 group gathered to discuss their crime concerns with city council members and Police Chief George Kral.

They're pushing for a Sky Cop Camera to be installed in the area, believing it will be a deterrent to crime.

Chief Kral rolled out statistics showing violent crime is not as bad in the area as neighbors might think.

Still he's listening.

"Regardless of whether they're armed robberies or disorderly conduct, crime in the neighborhood is concerning for residents in that neighborhood and I understand why they want to talk to police," said Chief Kral.

Chief Kral assures residents he's committed to helping combat crime.

And it'll happen by everyone working together.

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