Who answers the phone when you call #677?

Who answers the phone when you call #677?

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Maybe you've noticed those billboards on the side of the highway in Ohio that say dial #677.

But who do you reach if you call that number? Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers encourage you to dial this number to reach your local dispatch directly.

You can use the number if you see an impaired driver, or to get some help if you have a roadside emergency.

Hundreds die attempting roadside repairs every year. When you dial those 4 digits, an officer can make sure you're in a safe place and other drivers see you.

Lieutenant Angel R. Burgos, Post Commander for the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

"That's good for the entire state. When an individual is commuting on our roadways here in Ohio, they just dial #677 and they can report suspicious activity," said Lieutenant Angel R. Burgos, Post Commander for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. "It will get them to the nearest highway patrol post and then we'll have a trooper respond their way."

You can call this number twenty-four hours a day.

Of course, sometimes technical glitches happen, so if you're ever having trouble getting through on #677, it is okay to dial 911 instead. If you're not sure who to dial, either number works.

If it is a situation in which you want to remain anonymous when you call in, that is an option as well.

"There's only so many law enforcement officers throughout the area, and we always ask people, if you see something, say something. So, with all of the technology out there, it's great," said Lt. Burgos. "A few weeks ago, I had somebody call in #677 and we were able to remove an impaired driver off the road, just down the road from here on Interstate 75. So it works great, it's an invaluable tool."

Make sure when you dial you are in a safe place to do so. The best way to avoid losing your life over car trouble is to just stay in your vehicle until help arrives.

The Patrol motto is, "We want to do our part to contribute to a safer Ohio."

Police are asking you to call #677 whenever necessary to help them accomplish this goal.

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