Money Talks News: Jewelry shopping mistakes

Money Talks News: Jewelry shopping mistakes

Money Talks News - Don't buy with your ears. Meaning, don't listen to what the clerk on the other side of the counter is telling you that you need. Instead, go with your eyes.

You know what you like, you know what looks good, you know what he or she's going to like , depending on who you're buying for.

When it comes to buying jewelry, many people, feel like a fish out of water. Expensive, dangerous water. So let's go over some mistakes that commonly made when jewelry shopping.

Number one? Not having a budget. It's important to know what to spend. The second mistake is assuming that a big budget is needed to get something nice.

There's something beautiful for every budget. Being honest with the salesperson is key.

Mistake number three: Not knowing what your special someone likes. Easy ways to figure that out is by looking at what they own. Observe their reactions to things they see. It's also good to  ask their friends, then take one shopping with you.

Whenever you're doing something out of your depth, it's easy to make mistakes. But it's just as easy to learn to avoid them.

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