Village Inn forced to close for 30 days for health violations

Village Inn forced to close for 30 days for health violations

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - If you're looking to grab a bite to eat at the popular Village Inn in Sylvania, you'll have to wait for the next 30 days. The restaurant is not meeting food safety requirements and was told to close down for now.

The Toledo-Lucas County Heath Department announced the Village Inn will be closed after multiple critical violations.

The heath department reported 112 health code violations at Village Inn during 15 inspections from the end of April 2017 to January 23 2018.  There were 38 violations that were considered critical, 74 non-critical violations and 74 repeat violations.

"We continue to kinda go down the same road, inspection after inspection. They're reducing things that would benefit their facility and then they would revert back into things, so it was just time to say okay we need to do something a little further, "said Eric Zgodzinski, Health Commissioner with the Toledo-Lucas.

Those violations included lack of a required person in charge, cleanliness of food contact surfaces and utensils and lack of separating packaged and unpackaged food.In addition, the violations inspectors found were temperature violations and employees eating, drinking or using tobacco near food.

"It's not to say that they were trying to do any harm, it's just that it was one of those things we needed to correct," said Zgodzinski.

Calls made to the Village Inn Friday were not answered. The closing took some regular customers by surprise.

"I've never found anything out of the ordinary," said Larry Bruen, who is a frequent customer at Village Inn. I liked eating here or I would not have kept coming back."

Bruen added that he was planning to have lunch here with his brother Friday and was disappointed to find out the restaurant was closed.

Village Inn owner stated at a hearing last week she did not have the money to make necessary repairs to the facility. She also stated a new manager was hired in November to help train employees and correct violations, but the health department still took what it calls a necessary step.

"You can see from the amount of violations and the number of inspections something needed to be done," Zgodzinski said.

The suspension of the restaurant's license may be rescinded if an inspection deems the Village Inn to be in "substantial compliance."

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