Mud Hens deliver picture of Mayor Kapszukiewicz as Muddy

Mud Hens deliver picture of Mayor Kapszukiewicz as Muddy
(Source: Twitter - Toledo Mud Hens)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - On Friday, Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz had a special visitor in his office, Muddy the Mud Hen.

Muddy was there to deliver a picture found by the Hens of the mayor dressed up as Muddy.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz was an intern with the Hens back in 1991 when he was called into service.

In January, the Toledo Mud Hens tweeted out a picture that they said was Kapszukiewicz as Muddy. They did not date the picture, but did let the fans know the mayor of Toledo was once one of Toledo's best loved mascots.

Hours later, Wade tweeted back to the Mud Hens confirming that he was the man behind the mask.

The Mud Hens said they found the picture near their grounds crew tunnel during preparations for their upcoming season.

The team offered Mayor Kapszukiewicz a copy of the picture to which the mayor said he would gladly accept to display in his office.

The picture is from when Kapszukiewicz was in high school.

The Toledo Mud Hens open their 2018 season Friday, April 6 in Louisville. Their home opener will be on Thursday, April 12 against Pawtucket.

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