TSA unveils new requirements for carry-on bags

TSA unveils new requirements for carry-on bags

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Transportation Security Administration is offering tips and advice on what is and isn't permitted in your carry-on bags.

Officials spoke to people at the Toledo Express Airport to talk about changes that have been made regarding what you can take on a plane.

The focus of the discussion was electronics.

"Previously, you always had to take your laptop out and put it in a separate bin. Now, we're rolling out these new rules throughout the country where you have to take out any electronics larger than a cell phone, so tablets and e-readers and things like that," said TSA spokesman Mike England.

Officials say they confiscated hundreds of pounds of prohibited items at Toledo Express last year, including knives, brass knuckles, stun guns, martial arts took and inert grenades.

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