Amanda's Mom Blog: Back to work for this new mom

Amanda's Mom Blog: Back to work for this new mom

(WTOL) - It has been an honor and a privilege to be Maggie's mom for the past twelve weeks.

As I sit here at my desk on my first day back to work, surrounded by balloons and treats from my co-workers, I am happy to be here, but I also get teary-eyed at the thought of my daughter spending her day with someone else.

Becoming a mom has been just as exciting and scary as I imagined. My husband and I remind ourselves daily of how blessed we are to have a sweet, healthy baby girl, considering neither of us really knows what we're doing.

I will never forgot just how overwhelmed I was when the nurse handed Maggie to me for the first time.

In our first picture together, you can see the tears through my two-day-old makeup that was leftover from my last day at work before going into labor.

Then the fun began. I will save the details of Maggie's first weeks for future blog posts, including the joys of breastfeeding, the adjusting to a lack of sleep and the diaper blowouts!

Today, all I can think of is just how special she is and how much I miss her. Any mom knows, postpartum hormones are fierce!

Those tears when I first held her haven't stopped. When she smiles, I choke up. When she is having a meltdown, I cry along with her because I can't help her feel better. When she talks to me through her baby babbles, I get emotional that she is already finding a way to communicate with me.

The holidays were particularly tough with all those commercials about families and loved ones coming together from long distances. I've never cried so much over cologne in my life! You know, the one where the child buys dad's cologne for mom to spray on her pillow while he's deployed? Got me every time!

For how much I love my beautiful, smart, sweet baby girl, I am glad to be back here at the station. I've traded in my sweatpants for slacks, layered on the makeup and broke out the blow dryer and it actually feels good. I'm excited to spend a few hours a day conversing with adults and delivering you the information you need to know every day.

I have missed all of you on the other side of the lens and am so grateful that you've allowed me into your homes.

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride called motherhood! I'll check back in with your soon!

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