Teen confesses to throwing sandbag in deadly prank

Teen confesses to throwing sandbag in deadly prank

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One of the teens charged in a deadly prank confessed to throwing a sandbag off an I-75 overpass that killed a Michigan man in December.

The 13-year-old faced the judge Friday and said he was responsible for actually throwing the sandbag that killed Marquise Byrd.

He said he and his group of friends were heading to get candy from a gas station when they stopped at the Washington Street overpass to throw rocks and sandbags on the freeway below.

Two of the teens plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter last week. Only one has not.

Several of Byrd's family and friends wore shirts with pictures of Byrd on them to court.

"You killed my son and he didn't have a chance," Patricia Wilkes, Byrd's mother, said. "He was only 22. You killed my son and you have to live with that for the rest of your life."

Wilkes says she is not only upset she lost her son, but angry because she feels the teen did not show any remorse for Byrd's death.

"How would I describe him in that courtroom? Unremorseful. I wish once he finishes here, he would go to the other side," Wilkes said. "He has no remorse, in my opinion, from the way he turned and smirked and looked at everybody. He will have his day."

The 13-year-old will be sentenced in March. He and the two others who pleaded guilty, face the maximum punishment in juvenile court: being sentenced to the Department of Youth Services or youth prison until he is 21.

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