Senior citizens remember blizzard of 1978

Senior citizens remember blizzard of 1978

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - If you were alive 40 years ago, can you remember what you were doing this time back then, during the 20 century's most powerful winter storm in Ohio?

WTOL 11 asked some senior citizens at the Margaret Hunt Senior Center Thursday to tell some of their memorable stories of the blizzard of 1978.

"We needed a larger house because I was pregnant with twins," said Pat McBeth-Leck.

"I remember one of my young employees called and said uh Mrs. Creque  I'm not gonna be able to come into work today, I went out and stood for the bus it didn't come, and I said don't even worry about it. I can't even believe she tried to come into work," said Susan Creque.

"Both of my kids were teenagers at the time and they were whining and they wanted their own room, so we had a huge basement that was totally empty and they got all the lumber and the equipment and they got all the dry wall and everything, and they brought it home and when they came home it started snowing and it snowed and snowed and they were busy building that room. So up to this day we call it the blizzard room because it was built during the blizzard," said Susan Hall.

Many said they remember the day as awful, surprising, and treacherous.

Who knew that 40 years later, they'd be up on stage lip syncing to love songs.

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