Findlay LGBTQ community wants to compile list of friendly businesses

Findlay LGBTQ community wants to compile list of friendly businesses

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The LGBTQ council of Findlay is working to establish a list of local businesses that support their community.

The group has reached out to more than 100 local businesses to gauge if those businesses are understanding and supportive of LGBTQ individuals.

Jasmin Bradley is the board secretary of Spectrum of Findlay, a nonprofit that serves Findlay's LGBTQ community. Bradley said after a meeting with Spectrum members, the businesses will receive a decal to display and will be listed as an LGBTQ allied business.

"I would be more inclined to take them to a restaurant that supports my family. And I would hope that when I'm in that restaurant, I'm not going to get asked silly questions like 'One check or two?' It seems insignificant, but those little insignificant incidents add up over time," said Bradley.

Jack Sullivan is a senior pastor at Findlay's First Christian Church on Tiffin Avenue and is also on the Spectrum of Findlay Board.

He said for an individual who has historically been excluded from conservative communities, this initiative could help LGBTQ individuals begin to feel a part of their city.

"And that makes my heart feel very good, because everyone should be afforded a sense of welcome. That is attached to their human dignity and worth," said Sullivan.

But the purpose of the directory goes beyond residents, as visitors or people passing through Findlay could cross check the directory and know that Findlay is a welcoming community that they could make a return visit to or even live in.

"Equality is good for business, it creates business. Equality is good for the community, it retains people in the community," said Bradley.

The hope is to have the directory compiled, and the decals put up in those local businesses by summer 2018.

Business owners who may be interested in a deal, or for information on Spectrum of Findlay, look here.

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