Detroit Tigers visit Fifth Third Field

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's almost spring training time for America's favorite past-time.

And to prepare for the next season, the Detroit Tigers paid a visit to Fifth Third Field Wednesday evening as a part of their Winter Caravan.

Fans, along with the media, were able to meet and shake hands with the team.

Ron Gardenhire, the Tigers' new team manager, said being with the team is a new experience and he's getting used to everyone, but he's confident that the upcoming season will be a good one for fans and players.

"We're going to set forth a good program for them and make them enjoy coming to the ballpark. We'll get after it pretty good," said Gardenhire.

He also gave Mud Hens fans a heads up about Doug Mientkiewicz, the new Mud Hens team manager.

"He's a game-on guy. Very intense, he's a great hitting guy. I've always said he's one of the better hitting instructors. He's a good manager. He's won just bout every year in the minor leagues down there. Very intense, I had him as a player," said Gardenhire.

Mientkiewicz is a Toledo native, a former MLB player and Olympian.

"I think you're going to enjoy him, he's a pretty entertaining guy," Gardenhire added.

The Tigers' season opener is set for March 29th in the Motor City against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Toledo Mud Hens first game will be against the Louisville Bats at Louisville.

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