Judge denies request to lower bond for men accused of firing at TPD officers

Judge denies request to lower bond for men accused of firing at TPD officers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three man involved in the shooting at Toledo police officers faced a judge Wednesday.

Jayvon Wynne and Richard Morris are facing charges for allegedly shooting at two undercover officers during a traffic stop in December.

The officers returned fire, hitting both suspects.

Philip Overton faces lesser charges, as police say he was the driver of the car involved but did not fire at police.

The men's defense attorneys made cases for their bond to be lowered, saying the bonds were set in excess that the men will not be able to post. The amounts range from $500,000 to $1 million each.

"As the bond is stated, it is somewhat exorbitant," Wynne's attorney Ronnie Wingate said. "In reality that type of bond to be posted by my client is impossible."

The lawyers also say the men suffered injuries after being shot that are not getting any better because they aren't receiving proper care at the Lucas County Jail.

"What can be done in the jail is very limited," attorney Peter Wagner said. "Its not a hospital setting he has not healed as best he can because of the setting."

The prosecutor argued the men should be kept behind bars because the crimes they are accused of are dangerous, and they could pose a risk to the public if released.

The judge sided with the prosecutor, denying the requests to lower the bonds.

Evidence and DNA are still being processed in this case, and defense attorneys need all the information before it is determined how it will end.

All three men will be back in court in February as the cases inches its way toward a trial or a plea deal.

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