TPD officer loses home in fire

TPD officer loses home in fire

WATERVILLE, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo police officer is now without a home after a fire Wednesday morning.

The fire occurred at his home on Karis Street in Waterville around 5 a.m.

Crews say Officer Gregory Smith was in the shower when he heard the smoke detector go off.

He woke up his three girls, all under the age of five, and took them to a nearby relative's house.

Crews say the fire started in the laundry room, but the cause is unknown at this time.

Police say Officer Smith was scheduled to work a 12-hour shift that day. Police say he is simply grateful that everyone was okay, despite the total loss of their home.

The Toledo Police Department is collecting items for the family and the Toledo Police Federal Credit Union has set up an account in the family's name for donations.

Anyone interested in making a donations should contact the Federal Credit Union and mention the Gregory Smith Family account.

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