Local residents gathered to watch Senator Bernie Sanders push 'Medicare for All' system

Local residents gathered to watch Senator Bernie Sanders push 'Medicare for All' system

Local residents watched closely as a Senator and former presidential candidate pushed a 'Medicare for All' system. Bernie Sanders took his message exclusively to social media Tuesday night.

Over a dozen people showed up to the UA Local 50 Pipefitters in Northwood to watch Senator Sanders' national town hall meeting. A panel of doctors explained the need for "medicare for all".

The goal of Senator Sanders message :To get affordable healthcare for every American.

The senator asked rhetorically if healthcare was a right or a privilege. He went on to explain that he thought it was right for every single person in America.

Sanders streamed the discussion through his social media pages. He said our nation's healthcare lags far behind other countries.

Cindy Matthews, an Affordable Care supporter agreed. She said the ACA saved her life.

"It affects me personally. Without the ACA or Obama Care I probably wouldn't be here today," she explained. "I needed an operation and I had no healthcare a few years ago so it has helped me a lot."

Sanders wants to revamp the country's healthcare system to be more cost effective so the average American can afford it.

"Right now, we have a health care system that is not designed to provide quality care to all people in a cost affected way. Let us be frank, we have a health system designed to make profits for insurance companies and drug companies," Sanders said.

Supporters said they know sanders has a long way to go to get this bill in place, but they are hoping medicare for all happens sooner rather than later.

"We don't need to wait any longer. It's time we have this. So heck just do it," said Matthews.

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