Crews clean mess from train derailment in Seneca County

Crews clean mess from train derailment in Seneca County

SENECA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Crews with Norfolk southern were busy cleaning up a mess caused by a cargo train derailment in Seneca county Monday night, about ten miles south of Bellevue.

There were no injuries and no hazardous materials involved.

The accident happened on a Norfolk southern railroad track  on township road 122 near Republic around 10:45 pm.

The train consisted of three locomotives and 53 rail cars loaded with shipping containers en route to Chicago. No road crossings were blocked as a result and there was no immediate impact on public safety.

Rodney Miller was visiting family nearby at the time of the accident.

"What I saw last night was some very adverse weather lots of wind," said Miller. "I wasn't aware of the train derailment until the next morning when we saw a lot of traffic and then we noticed out our front window a lot of uh cars off the track."

The train was 10,284 feet long and weighed more than 11,723 tons. An intermodel train like this one transports goods such as food, clothing, washing machines and electronics.

R.J. Corman railroad services also helped out with the cleanup process.

"When we saw all the cars off the track, that's a sight to see," said Miller.

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