ECOT to appeal suspension, fight to stay open until end of year

ECOT to appeal suspension, fight to stay open until end of year

(WTOL) - The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow announced it will appeal the decision of sponsor Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West to suspend operations.

Under the contract, ECOT has five days to appeal the suspension in an attempt to keep the doors open through June.

Last week, the Ohio Department of Education didn't accept a plan that would allow ECOT students to finish out the year. This lead to the suspension of ECOT's operations, as the school didn't have enough funds to finish the year.

"Last Thursday we were certain that ODE officials would not let our school close mid-year. But 25 minutes before the sponsor meeting, ODE rejected the offer, which they had for over a day, citing vague and incoherent reasons and leaving us no time to address those issues," said ECOT spokesman Neil Clark.

The suspension forced 12,000 students from their school.

As part of the appeal, ECOT founder Bill Lager agreed to suspend all management and learning platform fees through June in an effort to keep ECOT open for students and staff.

"Bill Lager suspending his fees through June shows another attempted to keep ECOT alive. It is unfathomable that the powers that be at ODE and the governor's office aren't protecting ECOT students and families," said Clark.

ECOT would still agree to the appointment of an interim master by the court to oversee the school through the end of the year.

This is truly the best option for the thousands of ECOT families who have been grappling with this devastating news that their school would be closing its doors mid-year. This plan effectively gives supervision of the school to a court-appointed master to ensure the school continues out its mission for a few more months while we wait for a favorable response from the Ohio Supreme Court," Clark said.

ECOT submitted their appeal to the ESCLEW Tuesday.

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