Ice safety during the warm up

Ice safety during the warm up

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The ice mounds in Port Clinton off the shores of Lake Erie are quite the sight to see. But, as temperatures continue warming up, first responders are warning the dangers of getting on the ice.

"There are piles, there are crevasses in it. It is very slick, somebody gets down in it, we are going to have a heck of a time getting them out," said Chief Kent Johnson.

Kent Johnson is the Fire Chief in Port Clinton, the department has a whole section devoted to ice rescues. After the ice shoved last week, they knew, neighbors were going to be trying to get the best pictures.

"We've been on the ice before, but now it's starting to melt," said Hunter, a child visiting the ice with his dad and sister.

But, these kids already know the dangers they're facing.

"We could fall through if we go on it," said Hunter.

Some say they don't have a problem going on the ice right now, others think it is foolish.

"People are not going to be smart enough to stay off the ice and that's just what's going to happen," said Alissa Sharninghouse, who was visiting the ice mounds.

The suits firefighters use for ice rescues in Port Clinton weigh around 60 pounds, and cost around $1,000 each.

"The thing that people have to remember is when you're out doing things like that and we have to come get you, you're also risking our friends and our family," said Chief Johnson.

The U.S. Coast Guard Station in Toledo is also warning , who admits, right now, this is much of their focus.

"They're really common because when people are going out they're not that knowledgeable and stuff does happen every day," said Seaman Marc Nelson.

Crews say the best rule of thumb is, if you're walking through any water, even small puddles on the surface, it's not safe.

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