City of Toledo working with EarthTech to reduce algae

City of Toledo working with EarthTech to reduce algae
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A chemical meant to manage the zebra mussel population may also help tackle the harmful algae around the City of Toledo's water intake crib.

The City of Toledo says they recently finalized a contract with a company to test out a new chemical that is meant to kill the invassive zebra mussels that damage the city's intact lines.

The city says they have high hopes this chemical will actually reduce the amount of nutrience in the water and get rid of algae.

According to EarthTech QZ's website, their techniques to treat drinking water are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Andy McClure, Administrator of Collins Park Water Treatment Plant says the city started talking to the company last year.

McClure says the plan is to do a 30-day trial with the liquid chemical treating the water around the intact crib for the city's drinking water out in Lake Erie.

He says they want to get the trial done before this year's algae season, hoping they will have a new, efficient way to manage the zebra mussels and the algae.

"We're working with the Ohio EPA right now on setting up protocols so we're not doing anything the Ohio EPA doesn't know about and hasn't already approved," McClure explained. "The chemical that will be used is NSF-60 approved so it's already approved for use in water treat process and water treatment plants and is actually used throughout the state just not used in this particular application."

McClure says they would like to have the trial done mid June, a few weeks before the water temperature of Lake Erie rises and start of algae season on July 1.

In regards to how much this would cost the city, the company says will match the city two for one. For every dollar the city spends, the company will pay two.

Once it is time for the trial, WTOL will be sure to be there and provide the results. 

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