Findlay trucking company wants better signage through I-75 construction zone

Findlay trucking company wants better signage through I-75 construction zone

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Nearly one year into the widening project of I-75 in Hancock County and one local company wants to see more safety measures taken to make that stretch of road safer.

Accidents within the construction zone of I-75 seem to have become a weekly occurrence. With such tight quarters, traffic tends to stop at a standstill for hours also.

This has led one Hancock County company, Garner Trucking, to speak up and request that ODOT looks over their safety signage along the construction zone.

"Making sure that the general motoring public understands what's coming when we get into construction zones," Garner Trucking Operation Manager Tim Chrulski said. "Where trucks need to be, what lane they should be in, and how they should be proceeding through those."

Garner employs 150 drivers and says he wants to make sure that they are all safe when traveling through this stretch of road, as well as the the other commuters on the road.

The company realizes these are growing pains for the region, as the expanded interstate will benefit everyone in the county.

However, they say that they want to see better warnings before the traffic goes from 70 mph to 55 mph and the lanes shift into a construction area.

"Understanding what's coming, more flashing lights," Chrulski explained. "Rumble strips before we get into those zones, maybe that would be a good option."

The CEO of Garner Transportation has been working with Hancock County Sheriff Heldman and will meet with ODOT in the next few weeks.

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