Could government shutdown affect us locally?

Could government shutdown affect us locally?

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Although the government is reopened after the weekend shut down, you may be asking yourself how it could affect us locally.

First, you will still get your mail as the United States Postal Service does not get any tax dollars for every day operations.

However, if you need a new passport, you should put your request in as soon as possible.

The State Department's passport services may be able to continue to issue passports for a short time. However, if the stalemate continues, your application could be delayed.

Taxes are another issue. In a contingency plan released by the treasury department, the IRS expects to keep less than half of its workforce on the job during the shutdown.

That significant cut to staffing could have an impact as the tax season kicks into high gear, potentially delaying refunds or making it more difficult to reach the IRS with questions.

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