Employee drives through building, tells others he was "looking for our savior"

Employee drives through building, tells others he was "looking for our savior"
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WYANDOT COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A man is now in custody after driving through his place of business Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred at Bridgestone APM in Upper Sandusky around 2 p.m.

Employees at the scene told police someone drove a vehicle through a garage door.

One of the employees said he asked the man what he was doing. He told police the man said he was lost and "looking for our savior."

When police entered the building, they found damaged equipment and inventory scattered everywhere.

After a brief search, police located the vehicle, a GMC Yukon XL, still inside the building.

Police say the vehicle was heavily damaged. They also found a driver's license near the vehicle.

K9 units were called to the scene to search the large building for the driver of the vehicle.

Police then noticed a man walk into the building. Police questioned the man, who told him he was with management. When officers asked the man his name, the man said he didn't know.

Police identified the man as 41-year-old Sean Cassaro from the driver's license they found on the floor. Cassaro was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

Police say Cassaro wasn't making sense at the hospital, first talking about TV shows Dukes of Hazard and Three's Company before telling officers to tell the police chief to not "screw with people about the garbage."

Police also talked to Cassaro's wife, who said he was in a serious car accident four years ago and suffers from mental health issues.

Once Cassaro was medically cleared, police placed him under arrest for felony vandalism.

The man resisted arrest twice after arriving to the Wyandot County Sheriff's Office.

He is being held at the sheriff's office.

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