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Ohio Senators say they're working toward solutions to reopen government

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(Source: WTOL) U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(Source: WTOL)
Senator Rob Portman speaks on the Senate floor (Source: WTOL) Senator Rob Portman speaks on the Senate floor (Source: WTOL)

Democratic Ohio U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown said he's continuing to work toward a bi-partisan solution to re-open the government on Sunday.

In an interview with WTOL’s Dick Berry, Senator Brown says he'll stay and keep working until Congress does its job.

He offered his own take on who was to blame for the shutdown.

"This is the first time one party has controlled the Senate, House, White House and Supreme Court and shut the government down,” said Brown. “So it's pretty clear whose responsible for this. I don't care so much about that so much as I want to get it re-opened today and pass a long-term budget that can serve our country and our taxpayers and help our military be able to plan instead of worrying about what the budget is going to look like next month.”

Members of Congress are being paid during the shutdown, but so far efforts to secure pay for military members during the shutdown have not been successful. 

Brown says he's donating his pay to an Ohio diaper bank.

Republican Senator Rob Portman spoke on the senate floor on Sunday asking for support for his End Government Shutdowns Act. 

Senator Portman released this statement: 

"Ahead of a vote later tonight to re-open the federal government, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) delivered remarks on the Senate floor this evening calling on his colleagues to end the government shutdown. Portman discussed real-world impact of the shutdown as well as his bipartisan legislation called the End Government Shutdowns Act to avoid these types of unnecessary disruptions that ultimately hurt our economy, hurt families, and hurt our troops. Said Portman in his speech, “This shutdown isn’t helping anyone. It isn’t helping Americans who need access to vital government services. It isn’t helping federal employees who should be working instead of being furloughed. And it sure isn’t helping nine million children who need basic health care services. Let’s re-open the government and let’s get back to work.”

On Sunday night, Senator Brown also spoke on the Senate floor, moving to reopen the government immediately, but the motion did not pass.

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