Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: January 21, 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - We love our cars in Toledo.

The automotive industry has been a big part of the city's life blood for generations.So as the International Auto Show opens in Detroit this weekend, we've got the latest on those new products that are and will be rolling off the assembly lines at Toledo Jeep.

But with that comes labor pains for 88 UAW workers who learned that their losing their jobs.

Bruce Baumhower, president of the United Auto Workers local 12 explains more.

He's colorful, certainly controversial, was recently elected to the board of the school district he used to run. But that school board has to meet off of school property because of him.

For eight years, Patrick Hickey directed the Washington Local Schools as the district's superintendent. He'd been assistant superintendent for several years before that.

But he was ousted from his position in 2015 amid much controversy only to be elected to the district's school board in November 2017.

However, because of an earlier ban on hickey being allowed on Washington local property, the school board has now moved its meeting location to an American Legion Hall on Alexis Road.

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