NW Ohio’s senators, reps react to government shutdown

NW Ohio’s senators, reps react to government shutdown

WASHINGTON D.C. (WTOL) - Northwest Ohio's senators and representatives voted along with the majority of their own parties last night either for or against a temporary spending bill that would have kept the government up and running.

Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown says he will donate pay he receives during the government shutdown to an Ohio diaper bank.

Brown voted against the measure and released this statement:

"It is time for Republican leaders to stop holding CHIP children and families hostage to their failed budget process. These are not bargaining chips – they are kids – more than 209,000 in Ohio and nine million nationwide. And they are depending on us to do our jobs. Senators should not be paid if they can't do their jobs. While I continue to work with Republicans and Democrats to reopen our government, I will donate my take-home pay to an Ohio charity that works every day to help struggling families."

Republican U.S. Senator Rob Portman voted for the measure and released this statement regarding the shutdown:

"Tonight I voted to keep the government open and provide long-term funding for the CHIP program. There's nothing in this short-term funding bill that either party opposes, and no one benefits from a shutdown. We should end government shutdowns for good, and that's why I have introduced legislation called the End Government Shutdowns Act to avoid these types of unnecessary disruptions that ultimately hurt our economy, hurt families, and hurt our troops. Shutdowns are unnecessary and counter-productive, and I would hope Democrats reconsider their opposition to this non-controversial, short-term funding bill and work with us to keep the government running."

5th District congressman Bob Latta has requested that his pay be withheld during the shutdown.

Latta made this statement:

"There is nothing in the House funding bill that Democrats haven't previously voted for, yet they still decided to shut the government down. Led by Chuck Schumer, they have made a decision to put politics first and are holding the country hostage in order to get their way on unrelated issues. While we wait for Senate Democrats to do the right thing, I have asked that my pay be withheld. Regardless of who caused the shutdown, Members of Congress should not be receiving their pay while the men and women in our military are not receiving theirs."

9th District congresswoman Marcy Kaptur made this statement on her Facebook page:

"It is clear Republicans in Congress have failed the American people. GOP leaders should now work on a bipartisan agreement with Democrats that funds the government long-term and addresses key priorities like pension relief and children's health care."

The temporary spending bill failed with 50 yes votes to 49 no votes with one senator not voting.

The bill needed 60 votes to pass.

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