How would government shutdown affect local area?

How would government shutdown affect local area?

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - With the words "government shutdown" bouncing around once again, we're all wondering, how would it affect things in our area?

In 2013, the government shutdown meant that all national parks and memorials were completely blocked off.

Now, five years later, with a government shutdown potentially starting at midnight on Saturday, folks are wondering how this decision from Washington could affect us.

Veteran Tim Adkins said that he's unfortunately been through this before.

"Actually, I recently got out of the military, so I'm very familiar with the concept that, you know, they can shut things down, and I've gone through a few phases where they've shut down where the civilians work, and they had to go home, which was very unfortunate," said Adkins.

River Raisin National Battlefield Park is hosting their 205th anniversary commemoration of the largest battle ever fought in the state of Michigan. All of the planned events are still going to take place, however, if the government does shut down, employees are not allowed to report to work. That means the park will be open, but the visitor center will be closed.

Ron Jones works at the park and is scheduled to be in tomorrow to help inform visitors.

"I want to make it clear that The Park Service, this is not out idea. We don't want to close. We want to be here for the public, but we have to do what we're told from Washington."

He says the parks service is here to serve, and that is what he personally wants to be doing.

Jones says that it is a shame that visitors are the ones who really miss out.

As far as other local federal agencies, we haven't found anything that will be too heavily affected. The United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Office will still remain in operation, as will Fallen Timbers National Historic Site because they are run as an affiliate of the  Metro Parks.

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