Worker hurt after Northwood crash involving bucket truck

Worker hurt after Northwood crash involving bucket truck

NORTHWOOD, OH (WTOL) - A worker from Glass City Signs is recovering in the hospital after a pick-up vehicle hit a bucket truck Friday afternoon in Northwood.

The crash happened at Tadsen Jewelry where workers were installing sign panels.

According to police, the driver of a pick-up vehicle fell asleep at the wheel going down Woodville Road. The driver lost control and the vehicle plowed into a sign before crashing into the bucket truck.

"All of a sudden we get smacked forward laying on the ground," worker T.J. Dilkens said. "Don't know what's going on. Tools everywhere."

The worker in the bucket, Joe Dudas, was tossed into the air and landed on the ground.

"First thing we did was start looking for our buddy because he was up in the bucket," Dilkens said. "[He] ended up flying 30 feet hitting, the tailgate of the work truck and laying on the ground."

Dudas was shaken up, but conscious. Dilkens claims that after a few minutes, Dudas was even eager to return to work.

"After a minute or two he was laughing and making jokes with us," Dilkens said. "I guess that's a good thing."

Dudas was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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